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Hi there! Welcome to ZuMantra. We are an ethically-driven social enterprise geared
towards women empowerment. ZuMantra’s goal is to support hard-working, talented
women artisans to become financially stable, economically independent, and to enable
them to make better choices for their families.

ZuMantra was founded by two sisters, Zara and Marvi in 2013 while they were in middle
school. The concept for ZuMantra grew organically after our founders volunteered with underprivileged children in South Asia for many years. Over the years, they developed
strong relationships with their students and their families, particularly the mothers.
Zara and Marvi were amazed to learn these hard-working women were equally talented
artisans. However, their beautiful handiwork did not command the same value or
appreciation in their local markets.

At ZuMantra, we work with our artisans to curate and commission the best quality
materials for our collections. We aim to preserve traditional, indigenous art forms
while encompassing modern, enduring designs.

You, our socially conscious consumers, play a critical role in our mission to help
alleviate women out of poverty and provide them with dignified and sustainable
employment. We thank you for maintaining this cycle of “Buy and Do Good," and
together we are working towards our goal of women empowerment.

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