Welcome to ZuMantra. 

ZuMantra was founded in 2013 by two sisters, full of a desire to make a difference.


Our goal at ZuMantra is to assist hardworking women and minorities in developing countries to become financially stable and economically independent.

The women we target and aim to help are budding entrepreneurs who rely and depend solely on the income from their handicrafts and products. However, the only platform these women have access to are their daily markets and many, sadly, are reduced to even the sides of the road. ZuMantra commissions these handicrafts with the hope of giving the products much more exposure and a much larger audience by providing a wider and easily accessible platform. The profits of your purchases are reinvested back to the individuals and, in some cases, another non-profit that works directly with these same women. 


Thank you for making the purchases that lead these women towards a better life.