Khushi Masks (Set of 3)


In Hindi, Khushi means happiness. By buying these masks, you create an on-going cylce of happiness. Not only will you receive beautiful handmade masks, but your purchase will also bring great joy to our artisans, who are happy to see their work being recognized and appreciated around the world.


Through their happiness, the women also gain confidence in themselves and their craft. They understand their power and potential. With this newfound confidence,  women gain the freedom to work, follow their passions, and break a vicious cycle of poverty and inequality. 


  • A set of 3 Double-Layer Face Masks
  • Fabric:  Organic Cotton
  • Maintenance: These masks are pre-washed, and we recommend that you wash between uses.  



While the purpose of this mask is to keep you safe, we want to emphasize that this mask is not a replacement for medical-grade surgical masks, N95s, or social distancing. We encourage you to continue following the recommended guidelines from the CDC. 


    Please note that these masks are non-returnable and non-refundable. Also, note that these masks do not include a filter.